Contracting Installers without a license is a crime in the State of Nevada


Beware when selecting a tile setter. Installing tile is very difficult and it takes many years to become a seasoned tile installer. Ask for pictures and phone numbers. Ask for the number of a job done last week, one last year and one a couple of years ago. The dishonest installers will give you family members and friends to call. Be very inquisitive! Ask about the types of mortar, grout and tools they use. They must have a wet saw, a jam saw, A good tile installer will charge at least $2.5 per square/foot and up to $5 per square/foot for ceramic or porcelain tile.

Types of sundries and average costs of the better materials. It is very important to use only high quality setting materials. For all floor tile installations we recommend a multi-set  White thin-set which will cost up to $15 per bag vs. a "regular" grey thin-set $5 per bag. Multi-flex has a latex additive and is recommended because it allows slight movement.

White thin-set "mortar" is needed for very light colored porcelain and stone only. Do not use regular thin-set with porcelain or stone. Do Not use white thin-set with green marble. The brand we recommend and use; C-Cure Thin-set will cover from 50 to 65 square/foot per bag. Wall installation requires mastic. A different type of mortar. Grouts; can have what is called effervescence which is discoloring upon installation or even years after.

Choosing a retailer is not an easy task for consumers who are entertaining the idea of replacing the flooring in their homes or decorating a new home. Constantly barraged and bombarded by advertisements claiming low, low prices or bad information, itís no wonder finding a trustworthy dealer is a difficult as choosing the right flooring materials. When potential clients walk through the showroom doors at America Tile Imports, they will be pleasantly surprised with helpful information and tips for avoiding nightmares




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