In additions to flooring, the company also offers installation services. We are  a licensed as a contractor in this classification, a perfect compliment to the business. Not only can we help clients choose the right flooring to enhance their living space, We can recommend shutters, blinds and other window treatments to add to the ambiance of a room. Its important to make sure a room is as much about function as it is about form. Not only should a room look great, it should meet the demands of the family who lives in it. High traffic areas require durable products with stain resistance. Families with kids and pets need special considerations. On the other hand, some rooms like the master bath are more about luxury and style. We take all of these things into consideration before making our recommendations. “We really try to put the client’s needs first,”

Tile design is an area that has recently grown in interest by homeowners. “We can create tile designs on kitchens and bath countertops, around Jacuzzi tubs, in showers, on the floors and even up the walls to add interest, and create a unique look-one that doesn’t look like everyone else’s,”

We believe in treating others as they would like to be treated. For this reason,  We  continues to grow. We offer great prices, superior service, extensive product knowledge, and great ideas for decorating your new home or updating the place you’ve lived for years.

“When you treat people the way you’d like to be treated, things always work out for the best,” Our passion for flooring continues to produce great results